Tourism as we know it, has to change

TryAway was born from a growing disillusionment with the world of travel. Too often we found ourselves struggling to find activities that were genuinely engaging and interactive, where you discover something authentic and real from the place you’re visiting. Instead, we found hundreds of cultural tours by ‘locals’, all going to the same ‘undiscovered locations’. Or a coach trip – buses of 50 people, all visiting the same place as 100 other coaches that day. Or a ’skip-the-line’ ticket, where the ’skip-the-line’ line is longer than the non-‘skip-the-line’ line.

Finding worthwhile things to do whilst travelling is becoming harder

  • Too much choice – thousands upon thousands of activities on all the major tours and activities platforms
  • Too much repetition – the same experiences on all the same platforms
  • Too many crowds – the top attractions are always the busiest
  • No imagination – so many activities that offer the same boring tour or the same old sites
  • No trust – reviews are no longer reliable

Learning experiences offer something different

  • Learning experiences are a two-way process – when you take part in these experiences you are also sharing your own life and perspective.
  • Learning experiences are interactive – as a result they are more enjoyable, and feel more genuine.
  • Learning experiences give you more to take home – not possessions, but knowledge, that can stay with you forever.